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Meet Gabrielle

She talked her Mom out of long-term care. Ten years later her mother needed 8 years of care including nursing home care at $14,000/month. Now Gabrielle believes so strongly in long-term care she is a long-term care specialist. Make an Appointment today and get started on your customized long-term care plan.

Why Long-Term Care?

70% of all people will need some form of long-term care. Inheritances, future college funds, homes, and all other assets can be quickly depleted without a long-term care plan.  If unprepared, this can cause immense stress on the family both emotionally and financially. Long-term care insurance is the best way to tell your family you love them, that no matter what happens, you have it covered. Avoid stress, avoid huge financial loss, avoid uncertainty. Make an Appointment and find out how you can continue to provide both emotionally and financially for your family no matter what might come.

Protect Your Assets

Because any retirement plan that doesn’t address the risks of long term care is incomplete and leaves one susceptible to ruin.


Eliminate Worry

Because it alleviates stress and worry and anxiety knowing you are okay and consequently your loved ones will be okay.



Have a Plan

Because a customized long-term care plan protects your hard-earned assets from being depleted.


Alleviate Burdens

Because it says you care about your loved ones and won’t be a burden on them.


Gives You Choices

Because it gives you choices and options should care be needed.


Ask us anything

Average annual cost of a semi- private nursing home room in the Chicagoland area


Of people over the age of 65 will need some form of long-term care service

Average annual cost of in-home care in the Chicagoland area

Here’s how it works

Initial Phone Meeting

Call 630-643-0009 or Click “Make an Appointment” and we will answer questions and explain the process. No pressure or sales tactics, just a 15 to 30 minute conversation.

In-Person meeting

Next we dig deeper into your goals, concerns and family and financial make-up so we can properly analyze and determine options and recommendations.

Present Options

Then we present options and recommendations and decide on a course of action.


My mother suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease for over 11 years before passing away. Had it not been for that one conversation she had with her advisor, her level of care, her finances, her peace of mind, our parents’ legacy and the emotional toll on our entire …
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Paul Pertillo

My dad watched two of his aunts run though the proceeds from the sale of their house to pay for most of their care.  He watched his cousins struggle to find time to help care for their parents.  Dad wanted to avoid this. 
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Jim Rosenwinkel

I have experienced first hand taking care of my grandmother during her second bout with cancer. I saw how she was only given a certain number of hours for someone to come in and assist her, and because she was so weak, if she wanted more time, she had to pay out of her…
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Aisha McBurrows

Avoid Stress and Anxiety with

Long Term Care Planning 

Relax, You Have a Plan

Talk to anyone that has needed home health care, assisted living, or nursing home care and they will tell you the emotional and financial stress it can put on a family. Inheritances, future college funds, homes, and all other assets can be quickly depleted without a long-term care plan. For a minor investment in your future and the future of the next generation, you can rest assured knowing yourself and your family is taken care of. Make an Appointment today and get started on your customized long-term care plan.

Tell your family not to worry, you’ve got this covered.

Types of Long-Term Care 

We custom fit your long-term care plan coverage based on your exact needs and situation. In general, there are two types of long-term care that will allow you to secure your legacy and take care of your family; Traditional and Asset-Based.


Traditional long term care insurance works like medical insurance. You pay a premium (monthly or annually) so that the company pays a benefit when you go on claim. The benefit is a monthly amount used to pay the expenses of care. If you never go on claim, then you paid all those premiums just for peace of mind. This works just like car, medical, or home insurance.


Asset-based is different in that if you never use it for long-term care expenses, it will pay out in a tax-free death benefit. You can pay for it with a monthly or annual premium, or you can fund it with another asset such as a lump sum of cash, annuity or IRA. Another big advantage is the option to setup the monthly benefit to last indefinitely.

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